Publish dependent and called functions

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Publish explicitly called functions not found in the MATLAB root. See mfile for limitations.


Updated 5 Feb 2013

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publishdepfun creates a single published html file with called
functions attached to the end of the root mfile. Hyperlinks will be
within a "Called Functions" in the Table of Contents area of the
published document that link to the called function. Functions that are
called that are under MATLABROOT are not included in the published

publishdepfun only goes one level deep....

Example: If fun1 calls fun2, fun2 will be published. If fun2 calls fun3,
fun3 will not be published.

Calling: new_doc = publishdepfun(func,opts)


* func => character string of root function or script ('Function1').
The ".m" is not needed.
* opts => is the list of options for the publishing. See publish.m help
for more information.
* add_fun => is a cell array of additional functions to be published.
* rm_fun => is a cell array of functions to remove from publish list.


* new_doc => the final html document with attached subfunctions.
Name is the root file name with "_withfuncs" appended.

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