HELPFIG - a simple GUI for displaying (long) texts

A simple GUI for displaying preformatted text as lightweight alternative to Matlab's help browser
Updated 14 Nov 2011

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Consider you've written a nice GUI and want to add an option to show some text quick and easy in a separate window. That text might be a little bit longer, such that the user should be able to scroll within that window, but opening Matlab's helpbrowser for that just takes too much time, that window is just too big and cannot be closed again via esc key. This is where this small function might help. It only has basic capabilities, but yet allows to select text and copy it to clipboard, opens and closes very fast, is simple to use, is written using standard Matlab commands only and can be integrated in other functions.

My reason for writing it was to have a simple solution for displaying some help text (e.g. a list of keyboard shortcuts) called from within a GUI and also for displaying the content of log files in separate windows.

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Matthias Schwaiger (2024). HELPFIG - a simple GUI for displaying (long) texts (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2011b
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