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Create Windows shell link (.LNK) shortcuts, given a specified file format

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Updated 01 Sep 2016

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creates Windows shell link (.lnk) shortcuts to files specified by extensions in filterspec, for files in directory startDirName, including or excluding subdirectories, and writing links to directory linkToDirName.

a cell array of extensions to include. Specify filterspec as: {'*.ext1';'*.ext2';'*ext3';...;'*.extn'}.

(NOTE: See help for UIGETFILE for a
discussion of filterspec.)

startDirName: the top-level directory from which to start searching for files to link. Default = pwd;

recurse: Logical (t/f); do you want to recurse (include sub-directories)? Default = false;

linkToDirName: The name of the directory in which you want to put the shortcuts. Default = pwd.

Example 1: To create, in the current directory, links to all JPG or TIFF files in the current directory:


Example 2: To create links to all files of type *.m in directory 'c:\mfiles', recursively, and place the links in directory 'c:\myMfileLinks':


NOTE: To EXTRACT the target name from the links, file getTargetFromLink might be useful. (It is available on the MATLAB Central File Exchange.)

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Brett Shoelson (2020). createLinks (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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