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Generalized Goertzel algorithm

version (3.14 KB) by Pavel Rajmic
Goertzel algorithm generalized to non-integral multiples of fundamental frequency.


Updated 07 Mar 2012

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The conventional Goertzel Algorithm can be used to compute individual DFT coefficients. In case we need to compute some values of DTFT (that means, non-integer multiples of the fundamental frequency), slight modification must be done.

There are two files: the conventional and generalized Goertzel algorithm. No toolboxes needed.

The algorithm and its derivation is described in the article accesible at

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Pavel Rajmic (2021). Generalized Goertzel algorithm (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Julian Grodzicky


Pavel Rajmic

In help to this function, we state that
... the 'indices' can be non-integer valued in the range 0 to N−1, where N is the length of X.
Actually, the interval from N−1 to N should be included as well!

Hi, Does it take of windowing the data to reduce spectral leakage?

Rajesh Dachiraju

Hi Pavel Rajmic,

Nice code. I want this for n-dimensions. Is there a way to extend this code to multiple, or general n-dimensions. I am extremely interested in this, and would be very helpful for my application, if it can be extended to n-dimensions.


Eric Sampson


very good



Bill Lu

very useful for detecting frequencies that are not integer multiples of 1/N

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