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Logicle Histogram

version (4.96 KB) by William Noderer
This programs creates a histogram with a "logicle" (aka biexponential) x-axis.

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Updated 07 Jun 2012

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This programs creates a histogram with a "logicle" (aka biexponential) x-axis. This is generally used to display flow cytometry data. It will not create false artifacts for values near zero. For more information see "A new "Logicle" display method avoids deceptive effects of logarithmic scaling for low signals and compensated data." by Parks et al.

I am still refining this program and making it less bespoked. I originally wrote this program because I needed to generate journal quality graphs of my FACS data and flowjo was not cutting it. Let me know if you have any suggestions.

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Edward Emmott

May be old but still works well! (MATLAB R2017b).


I had
x2 = A / M+A;
which should be
x2 = A/(M+A);

I incorporated changes from the new paper "Update for the logicle data scale including operational code implementation." Also made the program more robust.

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