Manipulate: Interactive Parametrized Plotting

An interactive plotting tool similar to (with much fewer features) "manipulate" in Mathematica
Updated 3 May 2012

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Many Mathematica users love the simple yet powerful command "manipulate". It allows user to interactively change the parameters and watch the graphical results updated in real time. However, to their disappointment, MATLAB does not have a similar function.

Now this m file, written in pure M-script, implements the SIMPLEST functionality of its Mathematica counterpart: The user could plot a parametrized curve, and manipulate as many parameters as he wants, and most importantly, the plot will be updated in REAL TIME as the user drags the slider.

This file makes use of a 'real time' slider. The idea was similar to a previous submission of a real time slider by Matt Jones, but my implementation was performed in a completely different way and no code from that submission was used in my file.

This is just the first installment, so the only thing that you can manipulate is a 2D curve. I plan to expand its functionality to support a greater variety of graphical objects. If you want any other new features added, please let me know.

The way to pass argument to manipulate.m is similar to that in Mathematica, but not quite the same. Please use

help manipulate

for the detailed usage. Or just type in


to watch a demonstration.

Have fun!

(Only partially tested with MATLAB R2012a and R2011a. Please report any bugs and/or inconvenience to help me improve this program.)

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Mingjing Zhang (2024). Manipulate: Interactive Parametrized Plotting (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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