Gauss-Jackson Eighth-Order ODE Solver (Fixed Step Size)

Gauss-Jackson Eight-Order MultiStep Predictor-Corrector using ODE113 in its startup procedure.
Updated 7 May 2012

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The Gauss Jackson Eighth Order fixed-step ODE solver is finally available!
You have probably noticed that is next to impossible to find source code for this solver.
The only code publicly available is FORTRAN 90 (NETLIB), which is fine if you want to write your own force models in that code language. If you need to call your force models in MATLAB, JAVA or C; FORTRAN code won't work well without an overhaul.

I wrote this function generically enough to allow for additional applications aside from its obvious choice as a numerical orbit propagator.

Please read the comments in the code if you would like to learn how to call this routine. Also look at the demo function I have included for a template on how to write the first and second order ODE calling functions.

This function has been tested successfully on the two body force equation, and the JAT force model (available in the NASA Orbit Determination Toolbox (ODTBX)).

See GJ8_Demo.m for sample orbit propagation comparisons using GJ8 vs ODE113.

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Darin Koblick (2024). Gauss-Jackson Eighth-Order ODE Solver (Fixed Step Size) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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