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Three Phase Fully Contolled Bridge Rectifier

version (9.5 KB) by Saurabh Kabdal
Model can be used to understand the working of 3 phase fully controlled rectifier.


Updated 23 Jul 2012

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Three Phase Fully Contolled Bridge Rectifier (6 Thyristors)
Change the firing angle using 6-pulse generator.
Voltmeter is used for measuring phase voltages.
Multimeter1 is used for measuring voltages across all the 6 thyristors.

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Saurabh Kabdal (2021). Three Phase Fully Contolled Bridge Rectifier (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (13)

mahmud sardar

good job

yunfeng lin

Vigney Shukla

Monika Mishra

Not able to find this voltmeter block in 2007 version


Great work!
I had one doubt though when trying to simulate this with source inductance the output gives very erratic high frequency pulses throughout the output.
Hope you could shed some light on why it happens?


Poul Hryniu

Error za errorem

Hell God

The block port of the pulse generator is not connected in this example but can be used to block the pulses by any error signal generated.

Sharthak Munasib

Can anyone say where the "block" port of the pulse generator connected to?

Bárbara Brandão

You're fantastic

Saurabh Kabdal

It works perfectly dear.

behi sg

tsing suin

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