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802.11g wlan phy model

version (229 KB) by anuj saxena
It is a modified version 802.11a


Updated 24 Sep 2012

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Modulator has been initialized as

% number of bits per symbol

switch modulation

case 'BPSK', Nb1 = 1;

case 'QPSK', Nb1 = 2;

case '16-QAM', Nb1 = 4;

case '64-QAM', Nb1 = 6;

case 'DQPSK', Nb1 = 8;

case 'OQPSK', Nb1 = 16;


modOrder = 2.^Nb1;

Nb = numSymbols * Nb1; % tx bits per block

codeRate = str2num(strvcat(code)).';

bitsPerBlock = Nb .* codeRate;

% interleaver

interleaverRows = 16;

if rem(Nb, interleaverRows)

error('Number of transmitted bits per block must be multiple of 16.')


interleaverCols = Nb / interleaverRows;

interleaverElements = [...

2*floor( [0:Nb-1]/2 ) + ...

mod( ([0:Nb-1] + Nb - floor( interleaverRows*[0:Nb-1]/Nb ) ), 2 ) ...

+ 1]';

The models looks like 802.11a but parameters used here are for 802.11g

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anuj saxena (2020). 802.11g wlan phy model (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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very interesting im currently working on a 802.11p. Can you please send me the documentation to understand the project? I really need it. Email:

How to run model with a concrete number of cycling frames? Where in Matlab Simulink to set this number?

jinwoo so

I use 2012a version.
In order to do my homework, i use your simulink file. but i have 3 errors.
S-Function 'wlan80211g_udg' does not exist, Initialization commands cannot be evaluated., Undefined function or variable 'wlan80211g_settings'.
plz tell me how to solve these error.
my email address is .

Please, could you help me?! Is there a way, to get frame rate in this model?


First of all thank you for the file. What parameters are to be changed for differentiating 802.11g with 802.11a and how should i change them. I am relatively new to Simulink. Please help.


Appreciated, god bless you, as I commented before, a little bit of explanation is mandatory, some visitors of fileexchange are new researcher and your files with a little details really help them


the model is modified to be used with matlab 2010a

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Created with R2012a
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