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Eigen Face Recognition

version (3.45 MB) by Vinay kumar Reddy
Face Recognition using Eigen Method


Updated 20 Sep 2012

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This code contains Face Recognition process using Eigen Method.It contains a M-file and sample 20 images used to test the code. Contact me in case of any clarifications.

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I am getting almost similar euclidean distance values for positive and negative sample evaluation. Can you please explain how to understand the result?

Dear Sir,

Can i get paper of this work. pls

Charles Cui

Could you do a tutorial or instruction on how the code works? We tried using the code on MATLAB but had no idea how it works. Thanks in advanced.

Help, how i can use your code in matlab ?

i am sry because a beginner in matlab

Eigen palm code plz


Thanks a lot for putting this code. I have one query, here in case if I have a database of 40 different persons' face but there are 10 face variations of each person, which means I have 400 face images, should I consider 400 eigen faces ?
(as N^2*M would be size of A and A'A would give me 400*400, if I take all 400 images)

I am little confused. Please let me know the correct way.
Thanks in advance.

syn soule

Thank you, very much sir. currently, in process finish up my Bachelor Degree Project.

Jinlong Fu

Thank you very much!

anu bala

thnks sir

dhvani shah

is there a need to train database with 20 images of each person because when i tried with 3 images of each person wont give proper answer


thanks a lot u putted all files needed.

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Compatible with any release
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Inspired: SimpleFaceAverage(varargin)

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