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IMPIXEL_FIGTOOLS Pixel color values with figure tools on.


Updated 14 Nov 2012

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IMPIXEL_FIGTOOLS works very much like the MATLAB's in-built function IMPIXEL and lets you use the important figure toolbar features like Zoom In, Zoom Out, Pan, Rotate and Data Cursor, which are not available with IMPXEL. As of now, IMPIXEL_FIGTOOLS only supports functionality of inputting one input, which has to be the image data.

In the syntax below, IMPIXEL_FIGTOOLS displays the input image and waits for you to specify the pixels with the mouse:
Here P is the matrix of pixel values and I is the image data.

When you finish selecting pixels, IMPIXEL_FIGTOOLS returns an M-by-3 matrix of RGB values in the supplied output argument. If you do not supply an output argument, IMPIXEL_FIGTOOLS returns the matrix in ANS.

Class Support
The input image can be uint8. Though not tested, I would assume it to work well with these formats too - uint16, int16, double, single and logical.

The only output is double.

RGB = imread('peppers.png');
pixels = impixel_figtools(RGB)

Feedback / Bugs / How-this-helped / How-this-sucked / How-this-could_be_improved / Anything about it are MOST welcome.

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Jon (view profile)

Not bad, but useless to me as I need the x,y coordinates of selected pixels.


Added acknowledgment for the code that inspired this one, which didn't go through earlier.

Added acknowledgment for the code that inspired this one.

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2011b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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