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Byte encoding utilities

version (8.34 KB) by Kota Yamaguchi
Matlab utilities to encode/decode Base64 string and GZIP bytes.


Updated 04 Jan 2013

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Matlab encoding utilities

Matlab utilities to encode/decode a byte sequence. The package supports the
following features.

* Base64 encode
* ZLIB compression
* GZIP compression
* Image compression (image processing toolbox required)

The package internally uses JAVA functions. JAVA must be enabled in Matlab.


### Base64 encode

Use `base64encode` and `base64decode` for encoding/decoding.

>> x = 'foo bar';
>> z = base64encode(x)

z =


>> x2 = char(base64decode(z))

x2 =

foo bar

### ZLIB compression

Use `zlibencode` and `zlibdecode`.

>> x = zeros(1, 1000, 'uint8');
>> z = zlibencode(x);
>> whos
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes

x 1x1000 1000 uint8
z 1x17 17 uint8

>> x == zlibdecode(z)

### GZIP compression

Use `gzipencode` and `gzipdecode`.

>> x = zeros(1, 1000, 'uint8');
>> z = gzipencode(x);
>> whos
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes

x 1x1000 1000 uint8
z 1x29 29 uint8

>> x == gzipdecode(z)

### Image compression

Use `imencode` and `imdecode`. Both functions take image format in the second
argument. See `imformats` for the list of available formats on the platform.

>> im = imread('cat.jpg');
>> z = imencode(im, 'jpg');
>> whos
Name Size Bytes Class Attributes

im 500x375x3 562500 uint8
z 1x24653 24653 uint8
>> im2 = imdecode(z, 'jpg');

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Kota Yamaguchi (2021). Byte encoding utilities (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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