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BSD/Linux Host Information and matlabpoolPlus

version (8.68 KB) by Boris Schauerte
Get information about the host on which the Matlab instance is running. Also provides matlabpoolPlus


Updated 17 Jan 2013

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Get information about the host on which the Matlab instance is running.

This package consists of the following commands:

getpid: get the Matlab process ID
gethostname: get the hostname of the machine Matlab is running
getuname: returns the system name, node name, system release, system
version, and the machine's hardware platform
getnumprocessors: returns the number of available (local) processors,
i.e. the number of (virtual) CPUs

matlabpoolPlus: wrapper around matlabpool that allows to base the number
of created workers on the available number of processors

Please note that this package is not intended to run under Windows. I use
it for automated status reports of long running jobs that I distribute on a
cluster of Linux machines. It should run under any BSD/Unix-style OS.

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- minor change in matlabpoolPlus.m

- added matlabpoolPlus
- added getnumprocessors (and Java variants)

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2012b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

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