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Okada solution

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Computation of co-seismic displacements due to a rectangular dislocation in an elastic half-space.



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Computation of static co-seismic displacements due to a dislocation-type deformation in a half-space

Description: This exact solution is often used to construct co-seismic displacements due to an underwater earthquake. These displacements are then used to construct in some way an initial condition for tsunami propagation codes.

For more details, please, refer to the original Okada paper:
* Okada, Y. (1985). Surface deformation due to shear and tensile faults in a half-space. Bull. Seism. Soc. Am., 75, 1135-1154.

Or to my freely available preprint:
* D. Dutykh, F. Dias, Water waves generated by a moving bottom. In Book:"Tsunami and Nonlinear Waves", Kundu, A. (Editor), Springer Verlag 2007

More sophisticated approaches to the tsunami generation problem can be found in other publications of the author:

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because i can see it anywhere

Denys Dutykh

Dear François,

Thanks a lot for your comment. I found your script after the submission. In tsunami generation problems we look for the kinematics of the bottom displacements. Consequently, only the displacements field is computed.

Best wishes,

Hi Denys,
Nice and effective function.
If you need open mode fault and compute all the tilt and strain components, see my submission at

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