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A MATLAB Script for Earth-to-Mars Mission Design

version (106 KB) by David Eagle
Determines optimal n-body ballistic trajectories from Earth park orbit to encounter at Mars.


Updated 17 Apr 2018

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PDF document and a MATLAB script named e2m_matlab.m that can be used to design and optimize ballistic interplanetary missions from Earth park orbit to encounter at Mars. The software assumes that interplanetary injection occurs impulsively from a circular Earth park orbit. The B-plane coordinates are expressed in a Mars-centered (areocentric) mean equator and IAU node of epoch coordinate system. B-plane targets are enforced using either a combination of periapsis radius and orbital inclination, individual B-plane coordinates of the arrival hyperbola, or entry interface (EI) conditions at Mars. The type of targeting and the target values are defined by the user.

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David Eagle (2020). A MATLAB Script for Earth-to-Mars Mission Design (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Irfan Parkar

kuoxiang zhang

maybe the e2m_readdata.m has some problems

jiandang sun

sun Chong


Updated MATLAB keywords (strfind, etc.) and DT data file. Minor editing of the MATLAB source code for clearer data display, etc.

Updated e2m_matlab.m main script to use 64bit, September, 2014 version of SNOPT. Also updated input data files.



Binary Ephemeris Files

Added main script file (e2m_matlab_64bit.m) that uses the March 17, 2014 version of SNOPT.

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