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Communications Toolbox Support Package for USRP Radio

Design SDR systems using USRP(R) Radio.


Updated 26 Apr 2021

Design and verify practical SDR systems using Communications System Toolbox™ Support Package for USRP® Radio. The support package enables the use of USRP® as a standalone peripheral for live RF data I/O using MATLAB® functions or Simulink® blocks.

This support package is functional for R2013a and beyond.

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Andre Franke

@Karunya Choppara: Thank's for you quick response. Meanwhile, I figured out the cause of the problem. Somehow, an R2018b version of the UHD.dll was linked and used instead of the R2021a version. I removed the old version and B200mini runs with USRP Communication Toolbox. :-)
Sorry for giving only 2 stars ...

Karunya Choppara

@Abdre Franke Have you setup the B200 radio, after the installation of support package, as explained in this page

Andre Franke

I upgrade Matlab (incl. USRP Communication Toolbox) from 2018b to 2021a, mainly due to the GPSDI support in 2021a. However, after installation when running finsdru command, I get the info:
Platform: 'B200'
IPAddress: ''
SerialNum: '31FE3AA'
Status: 'Not compatible'

Matlab says that for the B-series, the FPGA images are automatically loaded to the SDR. So why do I get Status: 'Not compatible' ?

Karunya Choppara

@jin zhang: Is the radio setup successfully done, after the installation of support package? If no, can you please follow the steps to guided radio setup, as explained on this page

jin zhang

@Karunya Choppara Why does my Matlab say "no device found" when i connect the USRP with my PC?

Karunya Choppara

@bo liao @泽熹 周 @fei xie
Can you let us know the MATLAB release version. And could you send the install log file to Mathworks support
The install log file can be found at this path: C:\Users\<Username>\AppData\Local\Temp\mathworks_username.log

杰 徐

@raislin 确实

bo liao

Failed to download the third-party software

韵菱 冯


泽熹 周


fei xie


yanpeng lu


Karunya Choppara

@w jy, @ 凌凡 庄, @朝云 赵 , @yang yang
Could you please contact MathWorks Support, by providing more details on the issue:

w yj


凌凡 庄

朝云 赵

yang yang

setup error ,,,i can't refresh interface list

Cameron Ashbaugh

Need to ask mathworks for the optimized SIMULINK template for this to work at all!!!!

Yue Yuan

Hung Nguyen Duy

Does anybody know where I can find the tutorial using SDR with Matlab on USRP b210 kit to send the data in wireless ? I try to find the support and how to code but there no much source for this.


zhan hang

Joshua Phillips

I eventually got this to work on my Ettus X310. It takes an insane amount of time to initialize the comm.SDRuTransmitter() and comm.SDRuReceiver() objects. About ~40 seconds per. And then when sending data to the Transmitter object, or receiving data from the Receiver object, that operation takes about 20 seconds total, when first calling those objects. Unfortunately, I kept having to release both objects to get my data to transmit/receive properly, otherwise I ran into issues.

I still can't get burst mode to work. After defining the number of frames I want to transfer to the SDR, supposedly it only transfers the data once called Nframe times. That makes sense. But unfortunately, once I call it that NFrame-th time, I get an error. I've since given up as I ran out of time and had to get something working. So I was forced to release(tx); release(rx); each data transfer resulting in each loop taking ~20 seconds each. Since I need to process 1000s of loops, I'm forced to let it run for a long time.

To be fair, I can probably streamline this process once I figure out more how the comm.SDRuTransmitter & comm.SDRuReceiver objects work. The documentation is kind of weak. Ultimately, I'll probably have to write my own drivers to interface with the UHD drivers so I know what is happening better. That takes time though, and I was hoping this was going to be fast enough to work.

I gave it 5 starts since it does work, and its completely fine for applications not involving processing 100s of iterations of data where processing needs to occur between each.

Aiden Mitio

@ David Comer I am having the same issue, did you find a solution?

Yukihiro Serizawa

liangcheng jin

Cristina Despina

Dayat Kurniawan

I can't install the third party packages for the USRP (Matlab 2016b). Please help me, thanks!

Daniel Amberger

I have some problems using USRP X310 with TwinRX because this Daughterboards are not supported using the latest version. Would it be possible in the next version?

David Comer

I having issues when I attepmt to package my application for use on other computer (using MATLAB Run-Time with this support package. There are several p-file (e.g. SDRuReceiver.p, SDRuTransmitter.p, sdruroot.p, ...) that are flagged in the application compiler ("P Files Cannot be analyized to find their requirements. Please add P file requirments manually. Dos this mean that I should use a utility to extrace program dependencies and add them for each P file? Also, for some reason, When I run the compiled application, I get an error message that the file usrp_uhd_mapi_mexw64 cannot be found, yet the path reported, and file, exist. Therefore I am thinking this is a Windows path Length limitation. How to I specify the path that should be querried? Any help would be much appreciated.... Thank You in advance.


Can you please provide some more details?


liangcheng jin




Zhiping Jiang

For all Chinese users who often encounter 3rd-party download failure:
1. Get a ladder to get out of the WALL;
2. set the MATLAB proxy to your ladder;
3. enjoy the comming success download.

J Holzer

downloaded support package.
followed instructions in "readme.txt", typed following into command prompt (run as administrator):
>install_supportsoftware.exe -archives C:\Users\<username>\Downloads\MathWorks\SupportPackages\R2018b\
Got following error message.
'install_supportsoftware.exe' is not recognized as an internal or external command,
operable program or batch file.

I'm running Windows 10.

any help would be appreciated

Calvin Z

Daniel Amberger

Failed to download the third-party software

haihan nan

Failed to download the third-party software
please fix it

Ding Yang

Failed to download the third-party software
please fix it

favor fish Eagle

favor fish Eagle

Failed to download the third-party software

pu yang

Failed to download the third-party software
please fix it

pu yang


As of today, all download errors have been fixed. If you are still having installation problems, please contact MathWorks Support:

pu yang

Xiao Liu

Failed to download the third-party software:
UHD Precompiled Library
please fix it

Yoav Cha

Hi, had Someone work with Ettus E100 card ? it isn´t possible to find the card from Matlab, it doesn´t recognize ;) - Thank´s¡¡¡

ming li

it is so bad


buyankhuu bayasgalan


I can't install the third party packages for the USRP,can anybody help me?thanks!

buyankhuu bayasgalan

liangcheng jin

work well with USRP@X310

Nalin Karunasinghe

Good work !!!

xinfeng xiao

Heng Yang

liangcheng jin

download error!

karim kodeih

ahmad kteich

Jiachen Du

ahmad kteich

igor alex

Asif Hanif

Khoi Nguyen

Very good!

Firas Almoualem

I can't install the third party packages for the USRP, any suggestions?

Farah Ferdaus

maswell xiao

Daniel Perez

Fedor Popov

Ming Zhan


Rick Lentz

Would the development team consider updating this hardware support package for the Ettus Research B205mini-i?

(Given that getSDRuDriverVersion() returns version 003.009.001-vendor, this newer product is likely not supported by this package).

Thank you!



Kashyap Vanparia

I cannot connect to the internet. Do you have full package to install it offline?
Please let me know about it

Didik Hariyanto

thank you

Van Long Do

I can not connect to the Internet to install this package online. So, what should I do to install it offline? Do you have a full offline package?

Neil Judell

Support for these radios is minimal, at best. One of the primary things one wants to do with modern USRP is MIMO processing, yet there is no real support in this toolbox. One cannot specify clock/PPS source, which is a requirement for phase locking. One cannot use timed commands, which is another requirement for phase locking. Seems more of a toy than a real development system.

Duncan McGillivray

This install file errors out when trying to unpack the zip file. Please fix.

hamd ahmed

Having a problem in installing it for USRP N200

Don L

Does the B200 require an external 10MHz reference?

When executing the sdruFMMono.slx Simulink object with a lab FM generator (-40 dBm) there is no RX signal received


I have trouble installing this in 2015b or is it not supported for this version?

Support for the B200/210 radio is now available on the MATLAB R2014b platform.


I agree with several others that support for the lower cost B200/210 devices would be very much appreciated. The N200/210 are very expensive devices, and I would guess that there is a large community of folks who prefer to use the lower cost B200/B210 for experimentation.

Daniel Santos

difficult to understand


USRP B210/200 support would be great! Is there a chance to beta test?

Pablo Tacconi

Are there any plans to support the newer USRP radios from Ettus? I am specially interested in controlling the B200 (USB radio) from Matlab.


Disappointing to see only the N200/N210 is supported (IP Addressing only) There are many other (Embedded and BUS + USRP1) devices that could benefit greatly from MatLab support.


@samu, Please let us know your issue and we can certainly help you

@Ranita, Please let us know your concerns and we can certainly help you.

georges jreije

very nice

Ranita Bera

difficult to understand


this is really confusing. It shouldn't really take this long for me to getting around to installing this. I am lost trying to find the add-on function that the installer is talking about. Sometimes, it is good to leave it if it is not broken

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2014a
Compatible with R2014a to R2021a
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: costas receiver, moesp(y,u,d)

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