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Imreconstruct: a faster implementation.


Updated 08 Oct 2003

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We have optimized the MATLAB function imreconstruct of Image Processing Toolbox writing a mex function to reduce the execution time of Vincent's algorithm. Imreconstruct is called by the following functions:imclearborder, imextendedmax, imextendedmin, imfill, imhmax, imhmin, imimposemin.

"Morphological Grayscale Reconstruction in Image Analysis: Applications and Efficient Algorithms", technical report 91-16, Harvard Robotics Laboratory, November 1991, IEEE Transactions on Image Processing, Vol. 2, No. 2, pp. 176-201, April 1993.

Best results were obtained for matrices up to 2048^2 pixels: with a greater number of pixels the execution time of our algorithm converges to MATLAB's one. Tipically our codes run 2-3 times faster than imreconstruct function.

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Does this file can run on a embedded target ,such as a DSP,target?

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