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Working with physical properties and units in Matlab

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This submission provides a tool for working with physical units in Matlab.



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Working with units:
>> s = unit('120 k:m') % define distance
s = 120000 m
>> t = unit('1 h') % define time interval
t = 3600 s
>> v = s / t % compute velocity
v = 33.3333 m s-1
>> v.ConvertToDisp('k:m/h') % show v in kilometers per hour
v = 120 k:m/h
>> v.ConvertToDisp('mi/h') % show v in miles per hour
v = 74.5645 mi/h

Convert the gas constant R=8.314 J/mol K to british thermal units per pound-mole and Rankine:
>> unit('8.314 J/mol K').ConvertTo('btu/lb-mol R')
ans =

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