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Errorbarxy allows the user to plot both horizontal and vertical errorbars.


Updated 21 Oct 2003

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This function allows the user to plot the graph of x against y, along with both x and y errorbars.

For the x and y errors it is possible to input both lower (lx and ly) and upper (ux and uy) values for the errors at a particular point. If the upper values are not specified then the program assumes the errors are symmetrical and use the lower values. it is also possible to specify the plot line colour, marker, and linestyle using the standard 'plot' command notation in the input variable 'linecol'. Also the line colour for the errobars can be specified in the variable 'errorcol'. It is important to note that if these colour options are to be used and any of the error limit vectors are empty then they should not be excluded, but presented in a [] form signifying an empty vector.

James Rooney, 17 October 2003

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Brandi Newton

The values for upper and lower error bars are, in fact, the value ABOVE and BELOW the bar, not the absolute values that the errorbar line will show? I am trying to use this to show mean (bars) and maximum and minimum (error bars) values, so i think i need to subtract the mean from the max before using the value in errorbarxy. Is this right?

Martina Callaghan

Kan Wu

There is a small bug. When I display legend, the original curve and errorbar are two different items. In Matlab errorbar() function, they are one curve. Hope you can modify it

Kan Wu

very good

Christoph Schi

Thanks again!

You did a good job.

Gonzalo A

Thanks, works perfect!

Geert Geleijnse

Awesome, this saved me a lot of time.

Strange that this is not a standard Matlab function.

Thanks a lot!

Brett Andrzejewski

Nice job! I couldn't believe that Matlab didn't have this function/program already in it's libraries.

Kent Conover

Performs as advertised!


Kent Conover

Jon Schuller

Did exactly what I wanted. Recommend Emile Zonta's help file add-on.

Johannes Sarnthein

works fine, thanks.
and thanks for the concise help add-on

jeremie Brocard


Emile Zonta

Appears to work fine, though help is a bit pedantic. Try this help file:
% Plots x and y variables with x and y errorbars
% usage: errorbarxy(x,y,lx,ly,ux,uy,linecol,errorcol)
% lx,ly are lower error bounds, must be same size as x,y
% ux uy are upper bounds (optional, if omitted, errorbarsxy uses lx,ly on both sides)
% linecol: Propertes for data, same as for the plot function
% errorcol: Propertes for data, same as for the plot function
% to use properties:
% usage: errorbarxy(x,y,lx,ly,[],[],linecol,errorcol)

%James Rooney, 17 October 2003

Dusia Shova

It DOES work!


Doesn't work. Unusable as is.

Jukka Koskinen

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R12.1
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired: errbar, errorbarxy, superbar, errorbarxy

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