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Helps digitize graph data from an image.



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Often we receive data in graphical form (e.g. from data sheets), but want that same data in numerical form. This can be time consuming to manually read points from a graph. This package provides a GUI to assist in this task.

One simply identifies two known x-values and two known y-values from the graph image as reference points. Then one may click on any point on the graph and the GUI will return its x and y value.

Works with linear and log scales. Also generates axes data if you want to plot other data over your image at the same scaling.

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Sebastian Hölz

To enable import of indexed images, change / insert the following for line 77:

[im, map] = imread(filename);
if ~isempty(map)
if ~isempty(map)
im = ind2rgb(im,map);

Sebastian Hölz

You should give the links to the required files (rotate_image, imclipboard).

Ligong Han

Ligong Han (view profile)



Fixed typo in description.

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MATLAB 8.1 (R2013a)

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