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GPS Navigation Toolbox

version (487 KB) by moein mehrtash
This program include Principle of Radio Navigation Calculation and GPS position error corrections.


Updated 19 Apr 2013

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This program includes of
•Principle of Radio Navigation Calculation: navigation base on trilateration has been investigated and the over determined Eq. for navigation has been solved.
•GPS Ephemeris Data: for GPS navigation, the position of GPS satellite is very important so the by receiving ephemeris data the position of the satellite is determined.
•GPS Errors: Three different sources of errors in GPS navigation has been investigated (Ionosphere, Troposphere and Satellite clock). Ionospheric Error model is generated base on Parkinson and the Tropospheric Error Model based on Hopfiel model.
•Simulation & GPS Toolbox: One of the targets of this work is generating Matlab GPS Toolbox and in one case study the performance of generated toolbox will be verified

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eunseok choi

Equations are wrong.
ex..) Error_Ionospheric_Klobuchar.m > t(i), F(i), T_iono(i) ....

Yusof Ghiasi

Hi Moein. Chetori dadash? In SV_Ephemeris_Model function, you did not consider inclination in "function input format". In other words, your format is 15xN, while the function needs 16xN data. take a look at your manual (MANULA?) and revise it.

Ishaan Sharma

How did you incorporate iono error and tropo error and the user clock bias

Chang-Ki Hong

yee liew

how to obtain the values in project_data.mat especially pr? with calculation or another simulation tool?

Pooja S K

how to take satellite position and receiver position values

Katarzyna Horbacz

marcus tamplin

where do we enter the Lat/Long to run the script? Is it the main.m?

jialun shi


Jimmy Petrocini


How could I create a project_data.mat? Because I really don´t know the structure of this file and I would like to understand it.

Thank you!

Ihor Vereschynskyi

or from this link:

Ihor Vereschynskyi

Hi! This tollbox doesn't works in MatLab R2009b, so I find the mistakes and correct them. If this tollbox shows error, you may dowload corrected version from this link:


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Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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