Grid of points within a polygon

This function generates an array of points that lie within a given polygon
Updated 8 May 2013

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inPoints = polygrid(xv,yv,ppa) generates points that are within a polygon using help from the inpolygon function.

xv and yv are columns representing the vertices of the polygon, as used in the Matlab function inpolygon

ppa refers to the points per unit area you would like inside the polygon. Here unit area refers to a 1.0 X 1.0 square in the axes.

L = linspace(0,2.*pi,6); xv = cos(L)';yv = sin(L)'; %from the inpolygon documentation
inPoints = polygrid(xv, yv, 10^5)
plot(inPoints(:, 1),inPoints(:,2), '.k');

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