NORTONBEER produces a one-dimensional Norton-Beer apodization filter
Updated 12 Jul 2017

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nortonbeer produces a one-dimensional Norton-Beer apodization filter

nortonbeer(W) returns the W-point symmetric Norton-Beer window in a
column vector.

nortonbeer(W,C) permits custom assignment of the filter coefficients. The
coefficients in C are used to produce the filter window FILT according
to the following equation:

for ii = 0:numel(C)-1
filt = filt + C(ii+1).*(1-U.^2).^ii;

In the above equation, C contains elements whose sum is
automatically normalized to unity. U is the normalized path difference
as defined by Norton and Beer. Little improvement is achieved through
the use of more than 5 coefficients.

Several filter parameters were defined by Norton and Beer. Those
parameters can be used by defining C as one of the following character

'none' C = [1,0,0,0,0]
'weak' C = [0.5480,-0.0833,0.5353,0,0]
'medium' C = [0.26,-0.154838,0.894838,0,0]
'strong' C = [0.09,0,0.5875,0,0.3225]

By default, the 'weak' filter parameters are used.

nortonbeer(W,C,SFLAG) generates the W-point Norton-Beer window using
SFLAG window sampling. SFLAG may be either 'symmetric' or 'periodic'.
By default, a symmetric window is returned.

% Example:
% Creates 64-point Norton Beer window and display the result in WVTool

L = 64;

See also blackman, hann, hamming, window.

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