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Pre-trigger Data Capture and Custom Triggering

version (2.75 KB) by Isaac Noh
An example of pre-trigger data capture and custom triggering using the session-based interface.


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This submission illustrates how to capture pre-trigger data from a data acquisition system, and it allows the user to define a custom trigger condition for the system.
This example uses an analog input channel as the capture channel and a digital input channel as the trigger channel.

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Thanks for this file, but using the legacy interface I can record pre-trigger data with literally around 8-10 lines of code. Doing the same thing in session-based DAQ seems ridiculously complex in comparison - unless I am missing something here?

Mathworks, can we please have an easier way to record pretrigger data in session-based daq? This is a very common requirement among academic colleagues.


Awesome!!!! work...


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