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version (1.83 KB) by Ben Dichter
Does the same thing as comet, but with multiple trajectories at once


Updated 19 Jul 2013

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Perfect for displaying the time evolution of multiple 2-state dynamical systems

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Ben Dichter (2021). multicomet (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Hi, thanks alot! , one Q - how to control the speed of the moving particle? (i have long vectors (100,000) and want it to be faster....

Nathan Wolfe

Zhiyu Xiao

Hi, I wonder how to call the function and display the tail?

Babak Haghpanah

Thank you so much for the file!!! I was wondering if the code can be tweaked to show multiple comets with the same y-value at any give time (as opposed to this version where the comet heads are located on a hypothetical vertical line and have the same x-value at any given time)?

Ben Dichter

Glad it was helpful! I am aware of your problem but can't think of an easy way to fix it. I based the function on the MATLAB built-in comet.m so it carries over all of those issues. I'd just use it for rough visualization within MATLAB


Thank you, this has been very useful for making a simulation of the dynamics of vortices in BEC's for my thesis. But I was wondering, is there any way to keep the tails when saving the figure?

Edwin Khoo

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