Box and whiskers plot (without statistics toolbox)

Creates nice boxplots from data. You don't need a toolbox. Simple yet fully featured.
Updated 16 Sep 2015

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This function will create a nice boxplot from a set of data. You don't
need a toolbox.
bplot(D) will create a boxplot of data D, no fuss.
T = bplot(D) If X is a matrix, there is one box per column; if X is a
vector, there is just one box. On each box, the central
mark is the median, the edges of the box are the 25th and
75th percentiles
array 'T' for a legend. You can add the legend as legend(T)

T = bplot(D,x) will plot the boxplot of data D above the 'x' value x

T = bplot(D,y,'horiz') will plot a horizontal boxplot at the 'y' value of y

T = bplot(...,'Property', . . . )
T = bplot(...,'PropertyName',PropertyValue, . . . )

% Jitter feature
The boxplot has a cool jitter feature which will help you view each
outlier separately even if two have identical values. It jitters the
points around the other axis so that you can see exactly how many are

% Examples:
X = round(randn(30,4)*5)/5; % random, with some duplicates
T = bplot(X,'points');

% This function was created for inclusion in my larger nhist function.

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Jonathan C. Lansey (2024). Box and whiskers plot (without statistics toolbox) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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