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version 1.1 (12.5 MB) by Rami Houdroge
International Space Station Live Tracking GUI


Updated 15 May 2019

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The purpose of this open-source software is to provide Matlab users with the means to track the ISS in real-time, and to provide them with:

• Real-time Keplerian orbital parameters,
• Real-time 3D visualisation of the location of the ISS,
• Ground trace and real-time 2D location of the ISS,
• Real-time telescope pointing coordinates from a given user location.

This is done by propagating the orbit bulletin provided by Nasa. The ISS 24h ephemeris data ‎[R5] is regularly updated, and provides expected positions and planned manoeuvres for two weeks.

The low-level libraries Commons-Math and Orekit are used directly within Matlab to propagate the orbit bulletin and a Matlab Guide figure updated every 10 ms displays the real-time data.


Matlab (No toolboxes required).
An internet connection.
A good pc…

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Rami Houdroge (2021). ISSTracker (, GitHub. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (14)

Gowrish Basavarajappa

Thanks a lot Rami

Rami Houdroge

Thanks a lot Christie, I really appreciate your feedback!
Everyone, please don't hesitate to report any issues in GitHub :)

christie harper

for linux i had to change the line in configureLibraries from \data\ to /data/, no other issues encountered. great job

Rami Houdroge

Hi all,
Thanks for your feedback. I've finally managed to find some time to publish the current version on GitHub, so feel free to take a look!
There are a lot of nice things in there, most notably a sky map with trajectory plots.

Rami Houdroge

Hi Philippe,
I seem to have missed your message!
Thank you for pointing that out. I will take a look into it.

Philippe Demoulin

Hi Rami,
In getPropagator.m, the argument 2 and 3 of SimpleExponentialAtmosphere are in the wrong order:

atmosphere = SimpleExponentialAtmosphere(...
orekitData(1).earthBody, physical_parameters.refAlt, physical_parameters.density, physical_parameters.hScale) ;

should in fact be

atmosphere = SimpleExponentialAtmosphere(...
orekitData(1).earthBody, physical_parameters.density, physical_parameters.refAlt, physical_parameters.hScale) ;

Best regards,


Rami Houdroge

Hi Tiara,
Thanks for the comment :) TLE are unfortunately not at this point.

Tiara Kunnath

absolutely super-cool. is it possible to do this for any satellite body given the TLE data?

Rami Houdroge

Hi Sascha,

At this point, the easiest for you is to create a propagator using the getPropagator.m script and to make a for loop between the dates of interest using a method similar to getISSData from the ISSTracker.m file (I reckon you just have to change the orekitData parameter with the earthBody object).

I will think about including this feature in the next version.


Sascha Heinemann

Hi Rami,
I would like to use your ISSTracker V1.0.0 also to extract the data of Date and Time (UTC), Latitude and Longitude.
How or where can I thump these date for a text file?


Rami Houdroge

Hi Christian,
Sorry for the late answer, I was away for a while. Thank you for your comment / rating. Indeed, I have corrected this bug and have added a few things since v1.0.0. I will release the next version as soon as I can.


pretty cool!
To get it running on my Mac i had to replace all \ with a / in the main file.

Jay Patel

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