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version (5.74 KB) by Jordi Palacin
Simple and direct text to pdf conversion.


Updated 30 Jul 2013

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Basic conversion of text stings stacked in a cell into a pdf. This function operates in the old way by creating all the elements and structures of the pdf file. Large strings must be divided manually in consecutive cell rows for appropiate visualization.

The resulting pdf file is in plain text and can be opened with a text editor to see what is inside.

This is the version 03, 2013. Help description:

ok = text2pdf(filename,t_text,show_pdf)
filename -> name of the pdf, can include the path
t_text -> text cell: row 1 is the title, row 2 the first line of the text, etc...
show_pdf -> boolean, 1 -> opens the default pdf viewer with the file. Be careful, some pdf viewers do not update automatically a modified file
ok = 1 -> pdf created successfully
ok = 0 -> pdf structure creation failed
ok = -1 -> cannot create a file with this filename
ok = -2 -> pdf created successfully but not properly viewed


ok = text2pdf('test.pdf',{'Title text';'Line 1: comments';'Line 2: comments'})

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