Study of various Digital Image Processing concepts using MATLAB

Study of various Digital Image Processing concepts using MATLAB. .txt files for C are also included
Updated 7 Oct 2013

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1. Study of BMP file format.
2. Study of statistical properties- mean, standard deviation, profile, variance and
Histogram plotting.
3. Histogram equalization & modification.
4. Gray level transformations such as contrast stretching, negative, power law
transformation etc.
5. Spatial Domain filtering- smoothing & sharpening filters.
6. DCT/IDCT of given image.
7. Edge detection using Sobel, Prewitt and Roberts operators.
8. Morphological operations- erosion, dilation, opening & closing on binary
a. Image.
9. Pseudo coloring.
10. Creating noisy image and filtering using MATLAB

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Inspired: graylevel1(varargin)

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