Movie Post Processing Tool

Interactive tool to analyse movies by means of image post processing
Updated 12 Feb 2016

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Quick start: Add tool's parent folder to MATLAB's search path and run movieMainDemo to analyse the traffic.mj2 movie, which is one of MATLAB's example files
General description:
This tool is intended to aid in analyzing movies taking in a physical experiment. A movie is defined by:
* A file name pointing to a movie file that can be read by MATLAB's VideoReader,
* the index of a first and last frame to allow selection of a portion of the movie file,
* an appropriate image class to convert movie images to, i.e. int16 or uint8,
* a cropping rectangle to allow selection of a region of interest (ROI) valid for all movie frames,
* the timing information describing when each frame of the movie was taken relative to a trigger,
* the pixel resolution to calibrate the pixel to length ratio and
* a scaling factor to upscale or downscale each image before post processing.
Currently, the tool offers several methods that can be applied to each frame of the movie, such as contrast adjustment, background subtraction, filtering, interpolation, ROI masking and arbitrary code snippets. The order of post processing can be chosen freely and each method can be setup by an interactive GUI. Post processing is supposed to be done frame by frame and in ascending order. This is done in case the post processing of a single frame depends on results from previous frame(s), e.g. in case of object tracking. Extending this tool by additional method can be realized easily within an object oriented approach.

Implementation notes:
* The tool is realized with an object-oriented approach, where movieMain is a class describing a movie, ppMethod is an abstract class describing a post processing method and several subclasses describing the actual image post processing methods. Have a look at ppFilter for an example.
* Movies are read by VideoReader and converted to either int16 or uint8 to take advantage of the Intel Integrated Performance Primitives (Intel IPP) library. RGB videos are converted to grayscale, since some methods, such as brightness and contrast adjustment are not implemented for RGB movies.

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Alexander Klein (2024). Movie Post Processing Tool (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2010b
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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Version Published Release Notes

Small bug fixes to support new graphics system of MATLAB

- improved speed (change in access of class properties)
- option to disable caching of movie file to reduce memory usage

* fixed error introduced with previous update
* additional screenshot of so called view GUI (tool to check results and tag frames)

* minor bug fixes