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Fast Circle fitting using Landau method

version (1.35 KB) by Sumith YD
Uses a non iterative and geometric fit which makes it computationally efficient and accurate.


Updated 31 Jan 2015

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Based on the research paper "A Simple approach for the Estimation of Circular Arc Center and Its radius", Thomas and Chan, Computer vision, graphics and image processing 45, 362-370 (1989)
Use of geometric fit makes this more accurate than least square approximations.

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Sumith YD (2020). Fast Circle fitting using Landau method (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Is it possible to avoid the for loop with a build in cumsum ?



very good code, very useful.

Connor Fenn


Easy to use...Do you have a c++ version of this?

Sumith YD

%here is a demo on how to use above function with random data. Make sure you have Landau_new.m file on the same folder as this file.

R = 6.57; xc = 12; yc = -8;
thetas = 0:pi/180:2*pi;
x = xc + R*cos(thetas);
y = yc + R*sin(thetas);
mult = 0.2;
x = x+mult*randn(size(x));
y = y+mult*randn(size(y));

[xcnew,ycnew,Rnew] = Landau_new(x,y);
xcircle = R*cos(theta')+xc;
ycircle = R*sin(theta')+yc;
axis equal;


Updated with comments and usage instructions

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Inspired by: Circle fit