Visualisation/verif​ication of two-view geometries

GUI tool to visualise homography, epipolar geometry, etc., to verify their accuracy.
Updated 15 Nov 2013

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GUI tool for visualisation and verification (of accuracy in terms of forward and backward projection) of two-view geometries. Implemented geometries are Identity, Homography and Epipolar Geometry, but the tool is easy to extend to any other.

Call [geomVerif] for an example (Identity). For real usage, call:
geomVerif(<GeomSymb>, <GeomData>)
where <GeomSymb> is string representing the geometry (e.g. 'H' or 'Homography') and <GeomData> are data encoding the geometry (e.g. a homography matrix).

Two functions are necessary for the tool to work, forward projection and backward projection. These have been implemented for the case of Homography and Epipolar Geometry in the additional m-files.

For geometries, projecting point to a point, second cursor is shown in the other image. For geometries projecting point to a line (EG) the line is shown. These cursors/lines are customisable by settings under the images. Images can be optinally shown in scaled intensities (checkboxes S, try with pic1dark.jpg).

For examples of work, use the files pic1.jpg and pic2.jpg with a homography matrix equal to diag([2,2,1]), or the files bookshA.png and bookshB.png with a fundamental matrix given in the booksh_GT file. These data were taken from the following publication:
Lebeda, Matas, Chum: Fixing the Locally Optimized RANSAC. BMVC2012.

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