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Simple Adaptive Control Example

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This demo shows how to design, analyze and tune Model Reference Adaptive Controller (MRAC)


Updated 02 Oct 2019

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Objective of this example is to demonstrate how to design and model adaptive controller, tune and analyse its performance using Simulink®. For this example we have used direct adaptive method called Model Reference Adaptive Controller (MRAC). There are three main elements of this model: Reference Model, Plant Model and Adaptive Controller. Each element and its working is explained in "Adaptive Controller Example.pdf", part of attached folder.

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Chirag (2020). Simple Adaptive Control Example (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Can u please attach a file of older version. I use matlab 2015

I cannot open the example .slx with my Simulink version 9.2 (R2018b)


Hi Hung Nguyen, thanks for bringing this to notice. I was able to reproduce the behavior you described below. Maybe community can help explain it. :)

Hung Nguyen

Running this demo works fine. But while playing with the parameters of kf (1) and gamma (0.75) the system is getting unstable (at time > 1900s) and theta is increasing to inf? Did I miss any conditions of the stability of a MRAC?


pian zhou

Jia Sheng L

Can I get the simulink file compatible with matlab 2016a?


how can we implement it to control the vibration of mass damper system?


Bruno Marin

how can I apply in a real system? Using arduino Uno?

So how can I get this file ?
Because it does not open in 2017 Matlab version.

how can i dl this file? i can not dl that

Pankaj Negi

i am not able to open it in 2012 matlab

jinchan Tan


Yu Feng

Hi,It's a nice demo to demonstrate the model adaptive controller using simulink,but when it runs in matlab, the"Error in 'Adaptive_Controller/Plant/Manual Switch': This proxy block was inserted in the model because a block of type 'ManualSwitch' could not be located during model load. Updating or simulating a model containing such a proxy block is not permitted" ,how can I solve this porblem ,thank you very much!

wu hugh

Hi,the parameters for this MRAC example is not set? Thank you.

How do I preview or download the contents of the file?

Hnin Si

Thank you.

Thank you


very good example thanks


thank you

Pi Ting

This is a good example to learn adaptive control and how it can be simulated in simulink.


Upgraded to R2019b

Upgraded with R2019a

Updated license

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