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Bellagio Fountain Simulation

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Simulation of the Bellagio Fountain (100 nozzles)



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This fountain simulation is run through FountainMovie.m. See the following presentation for additional details on the project to simulate the Bellagio fountains.

The student version of MATLAB may not work because of the number of control blocks involved in the Simulink model.

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Dear John,
Thank's for this nice simulation

I have som problems understanding the mathematical model you use which is described in your slides.

At slide (Pump) could you explain the velocity equation ? Many symbols are not described.

Same remark at slide (Nozzle) there is a unit inconsistency in the last equation (vo^2 -2*m*g*h)

At slide (WaterJet), you use a 1/s^2 model (Newton's law) but, in The simulink diagram, it becomes a 1(as^2 + be). Why did you incorporate a viscous term ?

Finally it seems that the mass of the "theoretical box" is 500 kg. What meaning do you give to this "theoretical mass" ?

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