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Generator for State-Based Schedules (schedGen v2.0)

version (5.93 MB) by Akramul Azim
Using optimization constraints associated to timing requirements to generate state-based schedules

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Updated 24 Jul 2014

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Starting from a state machine description of the
distributed tasks, the proposed workflow generates abstract
representations of state-based schedules for any feasible system,
which can then be mapped to executable entities. Users can download these scripts and
verify the results for the case-study included as an example presented in the published DATE'2014 paper (can be found in,
or start with new system specifications. The current version
of the workflow scripts are based on Matlab and use the
AMPL/GUROBI optimizer.
Authors/Contributors: Akramul Azim, Gonzalo Carvajal, Manuel Díaz Cádiz, Rodolfo Pellizzoni, Sebastian Fischmeister

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Akramul Azim (2019). Generator for State-Based Schedules (schedGen v2.0) (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Authors/Contributors updated

The new version schedGen v2.0 has major changes over the initial release for increasing user flexibility in changing specifications. This is an ongoing work.

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