Allows automatic generation of UML class diagram
Updated 21 Mar 2020

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UMLgui allows the automatic creation of UML class diagrams. Running UMLgui opens the gui. You can then use the four buttons under the main panel to add directories, or directories and their (recursive) subdirectories, as well as deleting selected directories, or clearing the whole list.

Various view options are available, the most significant being the Tree Layout, which is either `Aesthetic', producing a branching tree structure, or `Compact', which produces a much more compact but less visually appealing tree.

Clicking the `Create UML diagram' button creates both an eps and pdf file of the diagram. The output file can either be entered manually, or selected via a browser.

Support is included for classes with multiple superclasses, but due to the potential non-planar nature of the graph, all but the first superclass are joined to the class by straight arrows.

Two very basic examples included in /AnimalExample and /AnimalFruitExample (and subdirectories). The latter demonstrates support for packages.

It is also possible to create a script to bypass the gui; see makeAnimalDiagram.m and makeAnimalFruitDiagram.m for an examples.

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Ben Goddard (2024). UMLgui (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Created with R2017b
Compatible with any release
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Version Published Release Notes

Added support for packages;
Fixed issue with subclasses.
Thanks to Todd Velde.

Version 1.1: Thanks to a very helpful suggestion, now ignores .git folders.