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Noncentral Beta Distribution

version (983 Bytes) by Joshua Carmichael
Compute the Noncentral Beta using Transformations

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Updated 19 Feb 2014

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This function computes the probability density function for the
noncentral beta distribution using a transformation of variables to put
the desired density function in terms of a noncentral F, which is included
in Matlabs statsitics toolbox already.
[ pz ] = ncbeta (x, a, b, lambda )

%To test with a histogram that gives the ratio of to IID chi-square RVs, compute:


znum = ncx2rnd(ones(5e4,1), y'*y);

z = znum./(znum +
ncx2rnd(99*ones(5e4,1), 0));

[N,b] = hist(z,floor(sqrt(length(z))));
bar(b, N,'facecolor','k')
hold on
plot(r, ncbeta (r, 1, 99, y'*y),'linewidth',4,'r');

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Joshua Carmichael (2021). Noncentral Beta Distribution (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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