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Shows examples one after another in uniformly sampled order.


Updated 24 Feb 2014

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show_uniformly_sampled iteratively, calls the given function to plot a case, waits till user presses the space-bar and then plots a next case. The order in which the cases are plotted is uniformly distributed. No case is shown twice, and when there are no more cases available, then an appropriate message is shown. For any original number of cases N and number k<=N, the first k cases which will be shown by this function constitute a uniformly sampled subset of size k from the set of size N.
This function is especially useful as an input to some other GUI tool where you select the cases you want to review.

For example, let's assume that you have ECG records of 10000 patients which have both:
- atrial fibrillation in more than 50% of 24 hour ambulatory ECG recording, and
- ischemic ST depression higher than 5mm during cardiac stress test.
You want to review the resting ECG records of those patients to see if there is some common characteristics. Finally, you have function show_resting_EKG(ii) which shows resting ECG of the patient number ii. However, reviewing 10000 records would take too much time, and you want to review only 30 of them. Reviewing patients which IDs are 1:30 would be a bad idea, because the ECG management system using which you exported the data probably exported it in some non random order (e.g. the age descending order or females first, males second) and reviewing first 30 records will misrepresent the data set. What you need is to draw a uniformly distributed subset of 30 records from the set of 10000. This can be achieved by installing show_uniformly_sampled.m and performing the following command:
>> show_uniformly_sampled(10000, @show_resting_EKG)
A window showing the resting ECG of the first patient will appear. Review the ECG and press space bar to see the next patient. Continue the procedure, till you reviewed 30 patients.

For additional explanations type: help show_uniformly_sampled

This submission is courtesy of Norav Medical ( - the leading company in the fields of PC-ECG, EKG Management systems and related non-invasive cardiac devices.

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