SKY MAP (function)

A MATLAB function that shows the position and relative brightness of stars in the sky
Updated 24 Feb 2014

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The function returns the sky map (position and relative brightness of stars in the sky) for any given location of observation on Earth, and time as the user may indicate.
The function is in a zip file containing 4 files namely sao6.txt, saoALL.txt, saoNAN.txt, and skymap.m.

The main function to use is skymap.m, it requires 9 arguments entered as follows:


where YYYY is 4 digit year (e.g 2013)
MM is month (e.g 4 for April)
DD is day of month (e.g 21 for 21st April)
hh is local hour (e.g 17 for 5pm local time)
mm is minute,
ss is second,
long is longitude of place in degrees (East is positive, while West is negative; e.g -33 means 33 degree West, while 56 means 56 degree East)
lat is latitude of place in degrees (North is positive, while South is negative; e.g -12 means 12 degree South, while 70 means 70 degree North)
UTdiff is the hour difference of place's local time (LT) from universal time (UT); e.g Nigerian time is 1 hour ahead of UT, therefore UTdiff for Nigeria is 1, while Boulder CO is 7 hours behind UT, and so its UTdiff is -7.

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