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Matlab Audio Analysis Library

version (8.81 MB) by Theodoros Giannakopoulos
Companion material for the book "Introduction to Audio Analysis, A MATLAB approach"


Updated 18 Mar 2014

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This is the MATLAB code of the book:
"Introduction to Audio Analysis, A MATLAB® Approach", Theodoros Giannakopoulos and Aggelos Pikrakis, 2014, Academic Press, 9780080993881.
Book Links:
Important Note:
Due to quota limits, the current zip file does not contain the data files (e.g, example audio files) used in the book. These can be found in the following link: . Download this file and then unzip "data" folder in the same path as "library" of the current submission. Alternatively, you can directly download both the library and the data in a common zip file here:

In general, the library covers a wide range of audio analysis tasks, including:
- general audio handling (I/O, playback, recording, etc)
- audio processing
- feature extraction
- classification
- segmentation
- music information retrieval

Below are some particular methods/algorithms presented in the library:
- signal recording / playback
- audio filtering
- short-time audio processing
- short-time FFT
- short-term energy, zero crossing rate, entropy of energy
- chroma vector, spectral features (flux, centroid, etc)
- pitch, fundumental frequency
- audio segment classification: k-Nearest Neighbor Classifier, Support Vector Machines, Decision Trees
- audio segmentation
- Hidden Markov Models, Dynamic Programming
- Music summarization, audio thumbnailing, music visualization, dimensionality reduction

The "readme.html" file contains a general description of both the library and the audio data contents, however a complete description of the individual functionalities is given in the book.

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Comments and Ratings (18)

Phyu Phyu Thaw

Thank you for your source code. I would like to ask about modelSM.mat file in your coding. I saw there are 2 classes 'Speech' and 'Music'. How many speech and music wav files are included in each? In Features 1x2 cell, there are also two 210x480 doubles. What if I want to add 10 speech wav files and 10 music wav files in my dataset to create a .mat file, how should I do?

Mod Mix

missing files can be found on:
Book has just a typo (htpp://booksite.elsevier... ,-)

Mod Mix

Looks like it needs some brush-up - it's no more compatible since R2015b (wavread and the like are no longer supported; cf.
Links to are still not working.
So the book was worth much less than I had hoped ,-(

Peranantham Uruthiran


can you please upload library data folder again? Its no more in the link you mentioned.Thanks.

Matthew Brown

Where is the library located? The link given does not exist any more.

khaled Elzaafrany

the data folder does not exist in the link

jing zhang


William Hinton

This is a great way to get into the way Audio Forensic examiners need to understand and use to analyze evidence.

Update: For a similar library in python, please check:


hj d

hj d


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