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tableAppend - Easily append selected variables to table

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Merge tables with mismatching number of variables and fill missing variables with NaN

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Updated 02 Apr 2014

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It usually happens that you want to add rows to a table but you only have part of the original variables. There is currently no way to do this without having to create a table row with the complete list of variables.
tableAppend will concatenate the variables that are present in the original table, and will pad with NaN or 'NA' the missing variables.



var 1var2 var3
---- ---- ----
'a' 45 6
'b' 14 3
'c' 56 5



tbl3 = tableAppend(tbl1, tbl2);


var1 var2 var3
---- ---- ----
'a' 45 6
'b' 14 3
'c' 56 5
'NA' NaN 8
'NA' NaN 2

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Germán (2021). tableAppend - Easily append selected variables to table (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Rutger Tromp

Nice tool to have. One remark though: in order to make it function in R2016a I had to change line 37 from

tbl2Cell(:,iVar1) = tbl2{:,var2i};


tbl2Cell(:,iVar1) = num2cell(tbl2{:,var2i});

Please update the function to keep it in line with recent Matlab developments.

Kind regards,

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Created with R2014a
Compatible with any release
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Windows macOS Linux

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