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Animated Convolution

version (1.99 KB) by Laine Berhane Kahsay
This is a simple MATLAB demo to animate the process of convolution.


Updated 28 Aug 2007

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Animation of Graphical Convolution

This is a simple MATLAB demo to animate the process of convolution. It is meant to help student visualize how convolution works. When this script is run, two functions f(t) and go(t) are convolved and the output figure will show animated graphical convolution.

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Laine Berhane Kahsay (2021). Animated Convolution (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (28)

Kokeb Berhane

does good job

Michael Connelly

JeeWon Kim

Peter Twocakes

lakshmi das

Piotr Wargocki

cool script for presentations.

% update shading on ovelapped region
rpos = [sx u_ym(1) max(0.0001, ex-sx) u_ym(2)-u_ym(1)];
set(sg, 'Position', rpos);
uistack(sg, 'bottom'); % <-- THIS LINE HERE

for the yellow block to be in the background again.

zz xy

very good!

Jeff Tuhtan

Amber I

Does a nice job of helping to visualize what a convolution is.

Neo K

Ali Ganoun

intresting demo

Sarath K


babar shahzad

frank croft

hari om! hari om! what a nice piece of animation. may krishna bess you.

Peter Hans

very interesting.

Paul Dart

Muhammad Jawad

In the name of Allah the most Merciful and Mighty!
It is Really good to visualize the concept of convolution.

Cali Riddles

Alright, but the convolved region should be confined to only the non-zero parts of function overlap for better visualization.

Harishchandra Patil


Laine Kahsay

It runs smooth on Matlab 7.1. I just checked it. Moreover the script does not need (or lack) any special function specific to Matlab 7.1 for its proper operation. For any case try to resize the figure's window size as it might be a display update problem which has nothing to do with the script.

paul calvert

Cannot get to run on MATLAB 7.1

Paras Jethwani

Good program .. convolution is a little tricky to understand. But with the help of this animated tool it gets very easy to visualize the process.

Suggestion: It might help to indicate the various cases of covolution as they happen in the animation i.e. the sliding function is entering the static function, then it might either entirely contain the static function of be entirely covered by it .. so on.


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Yahya Mohasseb

Great for undergrads.

JV Rama

Useful for Undergraduate demonstration

insu park


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