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grid-line based automatic vocal tract parameter extraction tool


Updated 30 Mar 2015

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This software contains MATLAB codes for extracting vocal tract parameters robustly in the upper airway images in the mid-sagittal plane.
This software was developed for automatic and systematic analysis of the vocal tract images recorded using real-time magnetic resonance imaging (rtMRI).
The software performs the followings:
(1) Image enhancement: field sensitivity correction, suppression of grainy noise, increasing the contrast between tissues and airway
(2) Semi-automatic grid line construction based on 4 landmark points that a user manually chooses
(3) Automatic tracking of the front-most edge of the lips and the top of the larynx (arytenoid muscles)
(4) Automatic estimation of an oral pharyngeal airway path within the vocal tract walls
(5) Automatic segmentation of the airway-tissue boundaries in the vocal tract
(6) Computing the distance function between the upper and lower boundaries.
You should cite the following paper when you use any part of this software.
Jangwon Kim, Naveen Kumar, Sungbok Lee and Shrikanth Narayanan, "Enhanced airway-tissue boundary segmentation for real-time magnetic resonance imaging data," in Proceedings of 10-th International Seminar on Speech Production (ISSP), Cologne, Germany, 2014
You can see the demo videos of this software in

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