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Updated 18 Mar 2016

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TL;DR: Open RefCrV1t in the console, copy and paste your article in the upper-left window-> the software will build a reference list with the in-text-APA-style citations found in your text, using Mendeley database.
This software will create a complete reference list by just copy-pasting your article with the in-text citations! You don’t need to waste time organizing a folder with pdf file, you don’t need to go online to look for any single reference, you don’t need to waste hours to match every citation with every reference! Just copy and paste your text! The software will use Mendeley database to create the reference list.
You need to be connected to the Internet to use the software
Let's say that you paste this text: "[...] emphasis within a dualroute framework (e.g., Ratcliff, 1978; 2013). The idea that readers have the [...]". The software will recognize 2 citations: Ratcliff, 1978, and Ratcliff, 2013. It will then look on the Mendeley database for the most likely papers, make some check on year, numbers/name of authors (taking into account "et al." if present) and give back the reference list:
Ratcliff, R. (1978). A theory of memory retrieval. Psychological Review, 85(2) 59-108. doi:10.1037/0033-295X.85.2.59
Ratcliff, R. (2013). Parameter variability and distributional assumptions in the diffusion model. Psychological review, 120(1). doi:10.1037/a0030775
Warning and suggestions are given in case of double matching (two or more papers with same author list and year).

This software is design to be helpful for people writing articles. In my experience, people tend to write scientific article putting the in-text citation, without worrying for long time about the extremely boring task of organizing the reference. If you are not using Latex or some particular text editor, creating the reference can be an incredibly tedious task. And that's when my software comes in handy! It will just take your in-text citations and create a referene list for you!

You can use this application in two main ways: within the gui (in that case, execute RefCrV1t.m) or within the matlab console (in that case, use readTextFile('nameFile.txt') to read a textFile). Furthermore, you can also use the other functions for fast paper search online, for example the findPaper function: ref=findPaper('Ratcliff','year',2013), which will return a reference structure with the found papers (without any check on the author names) or createReference, which takes a reference list, find it, check number of names etc., and return a ref struct with string and doi (when exists), e.g. refS=createReference({'Ratcliff','2013';'Green', '1975'})
Most of the citations in APA style are recognized: e.g. AuthorA, 2013;AuthorA & AuthorB, 2013; AuthorA and AuthorB, 2013; AuthorA et al., 2013; AuthorA, AuthorB, &/and AuthorC, 2013; AuthorA, AuthorB, …, et al., 2013; AuthorA,…, 2013; 2014; AuthorA, (2013); AuthorA (2013; 2014); (AuthorA, 2013);

Unfortunately, the software will not recognized names with accents. Also, citations without a comma after the author list will not be recognized either (this formatting is rarely used).

I also generated the exe file for this application for people without MATLAB license, which, with other information, can be found here:

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To view or report issues in this GitHub add-on, visit the GitHub Repository.