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Orthotomic surface of a Bezier surface

version (3.2 KB) by Bui Quoc Tinh
Drawing the orthotomic surface of a bezier surface.


Updated 12 Apr 2004

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Main purpose of this problem is drawing the orthotomic surface of a bezier surface through about arbitrary source point.

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Bui Quoc Tinh (2021). Orthotomic surface of a Bezier surface (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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You-syuan ye

Thank you!

jigar patel

nice work

Horacio Gomez


Sachin Datarkar

Aashish Kshattriya

i am doing project in Rapid Prototyping (Application of direct slicing technique)..for that i need to learn Bezier curves..ur program is helping me to understand it quickly...thanks for the same

Nguyen Quoc Duan

I am starting to study CAD. I likes CAD, specially Beùzier curves. Because, in fact we do not need the axact value at the generating points ( depend on a mesh program , of course !), we wanted to have the best approximation solution. So, in this case the Bezier Interpolation is the better than others ( e.g, Lagrange interpolation ...).
I start to study it with your program.
Thank !

mukdam kena

I want to tell you thanks for every thing
It's the best

bentaleb toufik


David Morfe Du

nhuan nghia


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