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Imports Oommf odt data files into Matlab


Updated 23 Jul 2014

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This is a function to import odt files from oommf into Matlab arrays

Information stored in the odt file will be imported into the object "data" which will have this fields:
units: units of the columns stored
columns: variables stored in the columns
values: array with the numerical data

We have created with Oommf the archive test.odt (included on the zip). To open it into "data"


Now we can plot for instance a magnetic hysteresis loop.
Using this command we can plot M_x/M_s against B_x
xlabel([data.columns{3},' (',data.units{3},')']);
ylabel([data.columns{6},' (',data.units{6},')']);

For more examples, you can see my blog (look for Oommf, to be updated shortly):

[1] Oommf Micromagnetic simulator at NIST,

This function was written by :
Héctor Corte
B.Sc. in physics 2010
M.Sc. in Complex physics systems 2012
Ph.D Student between NPL (National Physical Laboratory) and Royal Holloway University of London
London, United kingdom.

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Perhaps my odt file is too big but when i try to open it into data it just keeps saying Busy.
I came here to check if anyone had the same issue but there were no comments.

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