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MATLAB function for PESQ ver 2.0 binary driving. Both narrowband and wideband modes are supported.


Updated 09 Mar 2015

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MATLAB function for PESQ version 2.0 [1] ececutable file driving on Windows OS. Both narrowband and wideband modes are supported.
Note, that MATLAB function and PESQ executable file have to be placed at the same directory. The PESQ version 2.0 sources are freely available for download (however with license constraints) from ITU-T website at the following URL:
Windows makefile and DEV-C++ project file can be downloaded from:
DEV-C++ (IDE along with MingW compiler, for compiling on the Windows platform) can be downloaded from:

If you have problems with downloading or compilation, you can try get pesq2.exe from here:

[1] ITU-T (2005), "P.862: Revised Annex A - Reference implementations and conformance testing for ITU-T Recs P.862, P.862.1 and P.862.2"

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Arkadiy Prodeus (2021). PESQ MATLAB Driver (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

Comments and Ratings (9)

wang wang

if you like python, have a try to use my python wrapper

wang wang

hi guys. I compiled C source code and generated mex functions that fit with Linux, Mac and Windows platform.
Even in other system like 32-bit windows, you can also recompile my code to get mex function.
here is the link: .

Ahmad Hamad

if anyone have the "pesq2.exe" file ready to use please send it to me

swetha d

sir iam getting NAN wat is the error sir

Jacob D

Running ITU PESQ code compiled as a MEX function to accept vector inputs, and running in parallel, yields even greater performance:

vrushali more

can you plz tell me whether MOS & PESQ values changes according to speech signals or they changes according to sounds????

Diego Marques

In last versions of GCC, you may have to use this comamnd to compile:

gcc -o PESQ *.c -lm

Jacob D

A faster way to run PESQ in MATLAB may be to compile the ITU PESQ code as a MEX function. Step by step guide here:

Kristen kim

PESQ was very well implemented in Matlab. I was able to run speech quality test in MATLAB and get the scores instantly. Thanks!

MATLAB Release Compatibility
Created with R2009b
Compatible with any release
Platform Compatibility
Windows macOS Linux

Inspired by: PESQ MATLAB Wrapper

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