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Mixing (MX) Oceanographic Toolbox for EM-APEX float data

version (13.7 MB) by Amelie Meyer
Mixing (MX) Oceanographic Toolbox for EM-APEX* float data applying shear-strain parameterization


Updated 23 Feb 2017

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The Mixing Oceanographic Toolbox provides a framework to estimate the dissipation rate and diffusivity from Electromagnetic Autonomous Profiling Explorer (EM-APEX) float observational data. The EM-APEX floats measure the temperature, salinity, pressure, and horizontal velocity of the current. Vertical gradients of velocity and buoyancy are estimated and a finescale parameterization is applied. This method provides order of magnitude estimates of mixing as well as estimates of the regional variability of mixing.
All information in MX_library_report.pdf
Citation: Meyer, Amelie, H. E. Phillips, B. M. Sloyan, and K. L. Polzin: Mixing (MX) Oceanographic Toolbox for EM-APEX* float data applying shear-strain finescale parameterization, 69pp, Institute for Marine and Antarctic Studies, University of Tasmania, Hobart, Technical Report, August 2014, DOI:10.4226/77/58acefb4cdb29.

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