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Compute Multiple Integrals of Orders 4, 5, and 6


Updated 01 Sep 2016

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This function uses MATLAB's INTEGRAL2 and INTEGRAL3 functions iteratively to perform integrals of order 4, 5, and 6.

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Mike Hosea (2020). integralN.m (, MATLAB Central File Exchange. Retrieved .

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Really useful thanks!

Dear Mike,

I also thank you for this piece of work. I created a dummy extension for up to 8-D:
Please check if I did the licencing and acknowledgements correctly, and any critics are welcome.


Mayur Bency

Firstly, thank you for creating such an excellent function for higher-order integration. Believe me, it drastically reduced the complexity for my 4th order optical propagation function.

However, to further speed up the execution, I would like to implement this on GPU. How would you suggest I go about it? Simply converting all the variables into GPU variables isn't enough.


vijay r


Updated license

Minor update: fixed a typo in the comments and made a slight efficiency improvement by removing an unnecessary wrapper around the "inner" function where it is passed to arrayfun.

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