Game of Life

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Play life genesis game and compete with computer. Good example for interactive GUI.
Updated 26 Apr 2004

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MATLAB LifeGenesis is based on the remarkable Life simulation rules developed by the mathematician John Horton Conway.

MATLAB LifeGenesis includes both a Life simulator and a game based on Life that you can play against the computer. Imagine that you are looking into a microscope and you see a grid pattern on a glass slide. Some of the squares on the grid are empty, and some contain live tiny organisms or cells. Some organisms seem to live a long time, while others die quickly. On parts of the slide, new organisms spring to life. As new generations of cells live and die, they form patterns of shifting color. This microscopic drama is based on a mathematical model following three simple rules, which determine, as each generation passes, who lives, who dies and where new life begins.

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